TEKTRONIX is a fast growing technology solutions company based in the UAE with strategic business partners in India, UK, Australia and Taiwan. We provide our clients with the best solutions for their critical business requirements. This is a brief snapshot of our products and services and how we can partner with you in your growth story.


We are a dedicated team of professionals with an expertise in providing fast, accurate, sophisticated and reliable solutions to our clients for their business needs. All our solutions are customized keeping in mind the requirements of our clients and business partners. Our products and services ensure reduced risk, increased efficiency and improved information management across a wide range of business procedures.

Our mission is to deliver the most complete, fault-free solutions to each customer tailored to their unique business needs. Our solutions and products are functionally rich and highly adaptable using the latest proven technologies. Each product is rigorously tested both in-house and in the field through our inventory service practice. Finally, we train and support each client to equip them with the tools and knowledge necessary to successfully manage their asset in the future. identics right from the start has always been actively involved in refining and improving its services to take full advantage of technological advancements to meet the changing needs of clients. This commitment to quality and innovation has resulted in steady growth and a large roster of satisfied clients in both the private and government sectors.


We realize that as a technology company our responsibility in providing our clients with unparalleled solutions and service is paramount to our business. Identics is committed to creating long term client partnerships. Understanding business needs and environment is a critical component of our service offering. We take full ownership of every project we execute and support all our installations with minimal downtime guarantee and a 24/7 service capability. Our goal is to Our help you realize the full potential of the latest technology by providing high-performance systems that deliver uncompromising reliability.

We strive to achieve “Complete Client Satisfaction” and work towards reinforcing that satisfaction at every step. Our methodology involves considerable client participation in designing the solutions for defined deliverables. In any competitive business good service and customer satisfaction is a priority, but for us at TEKTRONIX, it is a habit.



TEKTRONIX is provides biometric identity management solutions to companies for their critical business needs. Solutions are based on the capture and processing of the unique physical characteristics of individuals to establish, verify, and manage their identities for a wide range of standard and custom applications designed to meet customer requirements.Unlike keys, cards or number sequences, biometric security readers provide access control that cannot be transferred.



TEKTRONIX  delivers scalable RFID systems with an unmatched combination of a complete suite of RFID products and services that identify targeted items reducing costs and improving efficiency in inventory and supply chain management.

Our solutions enhance your business productivity by providing greater visibility to your inventory as it moves across the supply chain. With real-time tracking enabled you will always know where your critical business assets are located.

Our products include a range of RFID tags, readers, embedding devices, accessories and antennas.




TEKTRONIX  provides GPS tracking solutions that can keep track of your fleet and transmit information over secure servers in real time providing alerts and reports. We provide our clients with automated GPS location based products with real time data reporting over both mobile and IP networks. Our products are guaranteed to deliver security, reliability and scalability that ensures you have a robust performing solution available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Our GPS range of products include GPS Trackers, Antennas, Receivers, Repeaters, GPS Modules and AIS Transponders.