Mobile Transmission Controller

Mobile Transmission Controller to monitor School buses
Children are future of the country, hope of the individual family
• The school bus is o Very important mechanism for children to safely reach school every day o Also a bridge between school and children family
• It is utmost important to provide o Measurement of safety, punctuality, comfort and convenience
• The current potential danger lies o in the individual drivers, way they drive Attendants, the way they behave
The children on board during transit is also under risk of being assaulted Dispute between children and drivers are difficult to justify
• Due to this, the settlement between schools and parents is always problematic.
• Parents would surely appreciate if they know where about of their ward during transit.
• These issues haunt School Management from time to time.
Mobile CCTV is the latest extension to conventional surveillance systems which helps you to
monitor your mobile assets like cars, buses, trucks, trams, ships etc. The system relays live signals to a central security room where live videos can be viewed along with GPS tracking of your vehicle.
Mobile CCTV systems are most suitable for the following businesses/industries:
1. Cars (Transport companies, Taxis, Private Chauffeurs)
2. Vans (Deliveries, Couriers)
3. Buses (Schools, Staff Transports, Public Transport)
4. Trucks (Logistics)
5. Heavy Vehicles (Forklifts, Cranes, Bull Dozers)
6. Ships (Ferries, Vessels, Yachts, Liners)
7. ATMs and Lifts
8. Special Vehicles (Ambulances, Police, Cash Transfer Cars)
9. Trains (Trams, Metros)
10. A Mobile CCTV system comprises of a CCTV cameras, mobile DVR, 7-10" display screen, CMS software and options of 3G access, GPS tracking & WLan connectivity. TECHTRONICS also provides full fledge CCTV services and their annual maintenance contract services.
Advantages of Mobile CCTV Solutions:
• Effective monitoring of mobile assets without physical presence on the vehicle
• Reduce erroneous reporting of incidents in cases of accidents, missing inventories and on board incidents among passengers or driving staff.
• Increase satisfaction of passengers on buses, cabs, ferries etc..
• Reduce fuel wastage due to improper usage of company fleet
• Smart School Bus Monitoring and Tracking System o Uniqueness of the solution lies in Future feature expansion.
o Multiple scalable solution options
o Student notification to parents
o GPS location, direction, heading, speed real time tracking o Acceleration, temperature monitoring o Advance notification of time of arrival of buses o Optional location announcement within the bus o Driver behavior Management o Remote fleet management o Remote Alarm management
o Video/Audio onboard surveillance, Recording and Playback
o Video/Audio live streaming via 3G/GPRS/Wifi to Central server – remote live view o Mobile Application – to view real live data on smart phones o Central Monitoring Software server and client o Playback and analysis software

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