Visitor Management System


Tektron’s visitor management and tracking system for any organization of any size. VMS maintains information on all aspects of visitors’ right from their company / personal details, demographic details, contact details, photo, and visit details. A unique Visitor Pass is generated for each visitor on each of their visits having their visit information. Visitor photo is captured instantly, a uniquely identifiable barcode is generated and staff to meet details with meeting time is auto-captured and printed on the visitor pass. An email is sent to the staff person informing about the particular visitor has come to meet him. 

This email feature helps the senior staff to receive email on their mobile even if they are not in their seats and they can quickly schedule themselves for the meeting. 

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Our visitor management solution replaces the traditional visitor log books in which the visitor details are entered along with their IN and OUT time. It is quick, easy and provides accurate information about the visitors and whom they visit etc. The solution handles the entire process of visitor management including registering the visitors, issuing the badges and logging their IN and OUT time. The reports module provides all the necessary reports about the visitors making it an ideal solution for corporates, airlines, government institutions, oil & gas etc


Visitor Management System Key Features

Visitor management system with Emirates id Integration
Simple and user-friendly attractive interface.
English & Arabic Language support (WEB Application).
Emirates ID Integration ( Smart Card Integration).
Visitor Check-In less than 20 seconds.
Visitor Check Out with a single click.
Advanced Search Filters
Maintains Visitors History.
Contractor Check-in Module.
Appointments Module.
Appointments Workflow Process.
Alerts and Notifications.
Web Camera Integration.
Emergency Evacuation Report.
Prints Visitors Pass.
Email Notifications and SMS Notifications.
Notify Visitors who hasn't checked out.
Detailed Reporting with multiple export options (PDF, Word, Excel etc.).
Encrypted EID data and user data for security reasons.
Database Backup's Manual and Scheduled.
User Roles and Privileges.
Compatible with Desktop & Mobile Device Screens (Responsive).
Configuration and Settings.
Visitor management system with Emirates id Integration
Visitor management system is a web-based and multi-user application.
Captures basic information of a visitor like a Name, Company Name, Phone No, Email ID and Address.
Records additional information: Purpose of Visit, Person to meet, Department, Visitor Type, Visitors Count.
Generates and print visitor passes instantly.
Captures photo image of the visitor and prints it in the Visitor pass. Visitor Check In email message

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